Sunday Feels

Music is beautiful – like food, it has a visceral way of bringing you back to a place a time – and it’s no surprise that Morrissey would be in my So. Cal upbringing Rolodex of music. I quickly remember my childhood apartment, my mother’s dinner’s, my teachers, my neighbors, my classes, my walks to and from school, my radio…

As the youngest, I guess I had the off-kilter pleasure of seeing my siblings grow up and leave the house – one by one. Curiously and quietly watching them leave as I waited for my time to loudly employ my own independence. I was lucky to have older siblings who introduced me to a multitude of music…I remembered these lyrics at a very tender age.

Memories of a town, a time, a place – Here is Everyday is like Sunday by Morrissey along with other gems that have helped curate my soul – one that is at times dark at times bright and all the time me.


New York Nights

I remember the exact moment when I first heard the song below – I was in my bedroom listening to Rodney on the ROQ and recording his DJ set as I normally did – with a tape player – when this song came on…I fell so in love with the tremble of his voice.

Not So Modern…love pt1

Love is tricky – Love is problematic –  the many stories that it can tell…

Those stories – all of them – they can also be sung. Love is love and the more you actually say it the more it sounds like a fallacy…

Don’t rush to judge – I do still believe. For if it can give way to more fodder for music then bring it… I’m all about it.

Whether in it most heinous moments to it’s most ripe in blooms – love is love and there are no in betweens when making music and your inspiration is this four letter word.  You are either drawn to it’s ecstatic state or it’s hell on earth.  I find it pretty hilarious – and it makes me feel like a child…but in a good way.