Lets step away from food for just a second…Hope-Change-Pride

Can we talk about how electric this new change is? Obama IS our President elect.  Our votes counted and in record numbers we proved that we as a nation of immigrants, nationalists, socialists, democrats, republicans…yadda yadda you get my gist.  WE DID IT and the whole world was watching!

You know what this feels like??? It feels like sunshine.  The soundtrack to this day is some beautiful Rocksteady soundtrack. Can you actually feel it? How beautiful was it to see him hold his daughters sweet little hand-Right behind him,  his wife alongside his eldest’.  Lights flickering–walking down that blue isle–and that deep deep breath…

Now thats lightning.  What an awe inspiring reaction…I got tingles I got chills I got this feeling of pride and love deep inside and all over me that night.  Total goosebumps.  It was so o just be in a room full of such different and progressive individuals that all applauded and believed in this momentous day.

As a minority, as the child of immigrant parents–I too am am immigrant, I definitely can’t forget that. Ohh can you see just how lovely this is!?  Can you feel the sunshine and the glee in the air. Oh the rush of those tremendously loyal believers in Chicago last night. This morning I woke up and typed in “President Obama”, it was then it really hit and I started to tear up   The air today is THICK with excitement, but also there is a total buzz of relaxation.  

Can you imagine how rad it would be to cook for this family? Im thinking about what I would make–what his daughters would like to eat and probably the access to food that I would have if I could cook for that family.  I would make something warm, hearty, delicious, comforting, new, and very Tina.  See I stepped away from food for just a second. It’s a very bright day.


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