Latey I’ve been fascinated by baking.  It’s fairly precise and organized, and its been quite the journey with this pastry apprenticeship.mexican-dinner

Yesterday I used one of Flo Braker’s recipes,  I had to learn how to work with conversions of grams and millilitres to ounces to cups to tablespoons etc.  I had to research and tweak the recipe a bit but it worked out.  I also added some apple purée to the banana bread to cut down 1/3 of the sugar.  I had a couple of negative variables…butter was not room temp, I did not have the right whisk or mixer, and my conversion rates were a bit rickety.  The cake did come out beautifully though, it was moist and Flo’s frosting added the perfect amount of cake-like sweetness and tartness that usually never accompanies a banana bread.  I can’t say that I am fully confident in my baking skills, but the more I research and learn to bake I understand that it is a well honed craft.  Like with savory cooking you can also learn to tweak the recipe to make it a bit more of your own style.  I like to think that trial and error are the best ways to learn, but with baking the best way to learn is to follow the recipe…but it’s okay to deviate a bit.


Speaking of deviating from the norm…Last night’s dinner consisted of black beans with fresh sweet corn and asparagus, mexican style brown rice with sage and carrots, pork sausage tacos with green chile tortillas, a medley of toppings which included; fresh shredded lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, fresh avocados, finely diced red onions, segments of lime, shredded Monterey jack cheese, and a quick pickling of carrots chayote squash and red onions with some warm some spice

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