Sharpest pencil in the box…

Last year I officially bought my first 8 inch chef’s knife.  It was beautiful.  I was walking hazily through downtown and strolled into a cutlery shop by a French soul food house and had an impulse to buy my first real knife for my first real kitchen gig. $120 later I had purchased my first knife. I had purchased a WU, I had never heard of the name before, but felt a sudden connection with the shiny sharp object.

Cayenne and Cumin

A chef told me a story about how Samurai’s never picked their swords, instead the swords picked them.  Same story with chefs, and how when you grip a knife you will immediately know “the one” he said.  One after another I softly yet firmly wrapped my 5 fingers around the many handles.  I envisioned  what the perfect knife would grip like, chop like, slice like, and dice like within my grasp.  Really…really when I held on to that light wooden handle I knew that this would be my knife…THE KNIFE.   It was perfect.  The weight,  the way my hand gripped the handle, along with the beautiful Japanese aesthetic mixed with the western rocking motion of a knife.  I carried it with me in its box nearly everywhere I went in my black leather purse.

In the next couple of months  I learned that having an extremely sharp knife is completely addictive, not to mention useful and essential. I learned to love to slice green onions, celery and just about anything in my grasp.  My favorite is probably hearing the crisp and smooth crackle of cutting through the skin and flesh of certain vegetables and nuts.

So I continue to cook.

The other day Daniel asked me if I could think of an idea for him to bring to a work potluck…CHILI I exclaimed.  It’s pretty hearty and delicious and very easy.  SO here it is… MY RECIPE!!

Hearty Stout Chili’

This Chili is great because it packs the right amount of heat and has a great spice medley that works with the bold and rich quality of the meat and stout.  It’s texture is not too soupy but also not too thick but is also extremely hearty…just right in my book.

2 lbs Ground Chuck
1 medium yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
1 bottle of Guinness or hearty Stout
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 Can tomato paste
2 cans Kidney beans
6-7 leaves of Fresh Sage
3 T. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 /4 Cup Brown Sugar
2 T Salt (adjust as needed)
Pepper to Taste
Olive Oil

A. 1 T Cumin
B. 1 T Smoked Paprika
C. 1 T Chili Powder
D. 1 T Cayenne

Prep: Dice onions to ¼ inch dices.  Rough chop garlic.
With a pot at medium heat add Olive oil when oil is rippled and heated through begin to add the aromatics: onions and garlic, let the onions sweat a bit till slightly translucent.  Add ground beef and roughly break apart (Do not aggressively break down the meat because as it cooks it will break down itself.).  Brown beef slightly and add all of the spice mixture and let it bloom.
After 5-10 minutes and sides are slightly browned and caramelized add the bottle of stout.  Bring to boil and add enough water to cover aforementioned ingredients about ¾ of an inch.
Now add the tomato paste, the can of crushed tomatoes, kidney beans, the 3 Tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar and brown sugar.  Bring to boil turn down heat and let simmer.  30-40 minutes.
Chiffonade the Sage leaves and roughly chop those into smaller pieces.   Stir this to the Chili before serving.

I really like this recipe so enjoy.

1 thought on “Sharpest pencil in the box…”

  1. I love my Henckels. I find the handle weighting and range of blade options is just perfect for the way I cook. I am hard on knives, I dont take care of them as well as I should, but mine have held up for 20 years and will probably last a lifetime.

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