Favorite Color? Green

I’m aware that the idea of a vegetable only meal is not so appealing but My gooooodness I think this is one of my new favorite dishes. I was craving a seaweed salad, but also craving some braised greens…I wanted something cold and satisfying but not just lettuce. I came up with this dish on accident. Hungry and wanting to feel healthy, I braved the supermarket walk on a rainy day. The supermarket isle lead me to a few key ingredients; Kale, carrots, cucumbers, broccolini, toasted sesame seed oil and soy sauce.

I love love love this new recipe, especially the bright and crunchy quality of broccolini as well as the wonderful hearty and very satisfying texture of the kale and chard, but the seaweed adds a chewy element. The cucumbers add some coolness, and the carrots add more crunch and sweetness. This is just so delicious! All I needed was some brown rice and VOILA my dinner was made.

Start simply with a steaming of the broccolini and your chard/kale medley. Let them steam together with the cloves of garlic. The texture will still stay firm yet fresh, but the magic is when the garlic quietly permeates into the vegetables as they steam. As the garlic softly cooks it will lose some of its raw strength but will still flavor the dish quite well. If you can get a particular type of cucumber called an Armenian Cucumber please do. They are so amazing. Sweet and crunchy with a lovely skin that is best if left on. Yum.

Salad of Broccolini, Greens, and Seaweed with carrots and cucumbers dressed with a toasted sesame and soy dressing.

Will yield for 4 servings:

1 bunch of Broccolini (with stems)
3/4 cup of reconstituted Wakame about 2 oz. of dried
1/2 lb greens ( I prefer the medley of chard, kale, swiss chard, beet greens etc)
1/2 cup Armenian Cucumbers
1/2 cup Sweet Young Carrots
3 med cloves of Garlic
For the Dressing:
1/4 cup sesame Toasted Sesame seed Oil
3 T Sherry Vinegar (I used Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vin)
3 T Soy sauce or Tamari (I used Braggs)
1/2 t oregano
1 & 1/2 T of toasted black sesame seeds


Place your dried Wakame into a 1 cup of water. Let sit.

Cut your greens into 2 inch pieces, and your broccolini in the same fashion. Broccolini stems are very tender and you can use all parts of this vegetable Lightly smash your garlic cloves and set aside. In your steaming vessel place your greens and broccoli and garlic cloves and steam for 5-6 minutes. When done vegetables should keep their vibrant color as well as their crunch. Remove your garlic cloves, drain and let cool.

As the vegetables continue to cool your wakame should now be ready. Squeeze dry of excess water and cut into 1/2 inch pieces.

For the dressing: Take your cooled garlic, remove skin and slice into thin slivers. Place in small bowl. Add all other ingredients for the dressing into the bowl. Lightly stir.

Cut your carrots and your cucumbers into coins or rounds. Use a mandolin if you have one. The carrots and cucumbers should not be too thin nor should they be thicker than 1/4 of an inch.

Add all ingredients into one big bowl. Toss evenly. Can be refrigerated and served the next day. Great for picnics and gatherings. For a richer and creamier quality you can also add some raw tamari (1/4 cup) and cashews for a far more solid vegan meal.

It’s just soo good! I loved it and I think it would also go really great with a great light fish or chicken.

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