Go Go Go…

Finally, it happened.  We actually got to get away from it all so wea headed out to well…no planned destination.  We wandered. We just wanted sun, and the tan lines tell a story of success.

Anniversay Dinner at Quince

Since I started to cooking full-time I haven’t had much time with Daniel. We are hitting the three-year mark here in our relationship, and this was actually our first outing.

You can get pretty bratty or batty if you aren’t rested and relaxed by the comforting feeling of  spending time with the one you love.  So we planned a spontaneous Let’s Just |Drive Adventure. Rental car, camping supplies and aquatic clothes in tow we drove into hot hot hot very hot weather.   It was about 90-100+ degrees out there!  It also happened to be a record heat wave in the city…but that doesn’t matter because who needs the warmth of San Francisco when you have the cute picturesque towns of Northern California.  Decked out with lakes, rivers, and the clusters of trailor homes along the way.

We started out at a friends house out at Muir Beach and spent a lovely evening amongst a various cornucopia of grilled food & beer pong followed by a late a night jacuzzi outing.  We then continued the next day with a drive out to a friends farm in Napa for a camp out.  Lead by our extreme spontaneous nature, our next destination was off to the Eel River, where we found the most pristine clear waters amongst boulders and the radiating heat of the sun reddened our skins.  The last day was spent in Nevada City for a nice little hike. Actually a VERY long hike into a secluded serene destination of strong and steady streams along the Yuba River.  We drove back Wednesday night and I ended that mini vacation with a good night of work on the grill station.

Oh and did I mention that it was Daniel’s birthday! He really wanted to go hiking…and so we did.

Uh…I never knew that I wasn’t the nature girl that I thought I was.  Nature, sure I love it.  Everything about it, the fresh clean air, the polite sounds of the animals and insects around you, the ramblings of the ocean waters…I would say that I love nature.  So I snowboard, its the mountains, that’s part of the wilderness.  The hike, the snow, the crisp air, the windy drive up that mountain, and mother natures soft pile of cold powder.   But, loving nature doesn’t prepare you for the bugs, the branches and the buzz of whats around you within the confines  of the wilderness.  PLUS, mind you at least have proper hiking shoes on before you decide to make a semi treacherous hike into the woods.  Poor Daniel also got stung by a bee, I kept slipping, sliding and falling all over the place and in the end was a sweaty mess. The griping…the moaning…well it was worth it, because hot damn it was really beautiful.  And who knew that tiny  bugs really like to flock towards your eyeballs.

Oh Daniel…look at that snake just staring at us“.  It was a Copper Head…A poisonous river snake that stared at me while I basked in the sun.  Then I came across a familiar, but invasive sound on the hike back…it was a rattlesnake.  CALM DOWN TINA… Waterfalls, water and a wet wilderness were my attempts at being Mademoiselle Nature. Daniel was far ahead of me as I made my attempt through poison oak, various shrubbery, climbing slippery slopes of rock formations and loose rocks…and I admit it was beautiful. I can tell you why.  It was the heat, the shade, and most of all the time that we had this serene environment to ourselves.  Say Yes, was what I had to tell myself, and kudos to unfamiliar backyards.  Our soundtrack for the weekend/weekday getaway included great mixes that were on Daniel’s I-Pod.

Did I mention I got my Tucker dress in the mail the other day…maybe I will wear it to Daniel’s friends wedding next week.

Nevada City was so cute, the homes were a bit too perfectly manicured, but I suppose that is what brings the tourist into the old gold rush town.  Oh and of course we can’t forget the stunning drives into the woodlands and rivers. However, if you decide to eat dinner past 9:00 be prepared to starve because that sleepy little town isn’t awake past 9:00!

I like this post, it’s a bit of a hiatus from recipes, but don’t you worry I have a few that I will be putting up in the next few weeks (crosses fingers).

Highlights of the trip included a bright full moon, warm nights, calming waters, napping in the sun, ripe sweet peaches, and two baby goats being born. LET’S GO BACK!

Daniel’s Favorite Song…well…one of them.


6 thoughts on “Go Go Go…”

  1. Tina,
    What a great spur of the moment trip…I need a romantic getaway asap. Which Tucker dress did you end up getting? and how is the fit?

    1. Cheryl! It is the black halo dress and it’s such a pretty vibrant red. Best of all the fabric makes one feel so fresh and womanly…by they way did you get those Tucker items on Gilt?

        1. Let me at least get some use out of it Sholeh Leh…and YES! you can. hey lets do a dinner together soon with our significant others. You and Ethan and Cheryl and Matt at my house…lets say sometime in 3 weeks??

          1. haha, I was just joking! Revel in that fabric, woman!
            That’s funny, Ethan was just saying we should all do a dinner together. Thanks for the delicious treats! It was great to see you hard at work last night. : )

      1. Cheryl the fit is perfect…very blousy and not so form fitting but still very feminine. And Yes sorry for the late reply me and Sholeh were on the phone early morning getting those Tucker items!

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