Sleep Sleep…

by TeeDee

When I was a very little girl I would sleep on my side within the crevice of where the bed and the wall connected…creating a cacoon…wrapping myself up in that old brown blanket.

I often had recurring dreams.

When I was still young and not considered older I slept within my cocoon away from the walls…with the blanket over my head with only my mouth and nose peeking out…out so that I could breathe the cold fresh air beneath the warm warm sheets.

When I was slightly older yet still very very young I would sleep on my belly with a pillow over my head to cover my ears…so that the soft cushion would cushion and warm my head from the top.

When I reached an older age yet still very young I would not sleep unless I wrote in my journal…within the dim lit sister forcefully clicked off the lamp…STOP…so that I would sleep.

I slept…but unwillingly.

When I reached an age that I was still young but to others not that young…that very very young…I slept like a flamingo with no other memory of how the sheets wrapped me.

Then I got older yet I was still young…I was not able to sleep without my headphones on.  Listening to music throughout the night…it lulled me to sleep.

Then I really got older…and slept less

Then I got older…worked more…slept in more….

Then I got older and had more responsibilities to attend to…

It’s harder to remember my dreams.

Last night I layed in bed next to my love and the music played out of the speakers…music streamed and I remembered when I did this and fell asleep…But back then I layed in bed alone often wondering what was going to happen when I got really much much older.

Now I sleep in a duo cocoon wrapped within sheets, and a blanket with an arm wrapped around me.

I fall asleep to the silent and sometimes not so silent sounds of the city…

Trying to not try too hard so that I can begin Dreaming again.