5 ingredients 1 pan and a stick of butter.

by danggoodfood

Hello my little birds and warm chickpea dumplings, my Mac is going to get some work done to it so I will be sans my computer for a while. Gather a bit of excitement and inspiration here as I tell you of my new adventures in very near future. I Tina Dang will be freelancing and will be available for more private cheffing duties! Parties galore! I look so forward to the wonderful things that await. Staging at various restaurants, studying up on recipes, travel, goosebumps, tears,the beating of an excited heart, tethered worn jean, shoes and aprons galore.

Until then here is a post about visual stimuli. It is the internal spiritual vitality that many creative individuals give off to one another that gives us the courage to move forth. You Sir…the man behind the camera is one inspiration. And my love Daniel for my everyday inspiration… for sending me this video. Sigh…

My wish is to triumph over my fears and with each step garner strength and preparation for the unknown!!!!!!!!

“Really, the whole world is open to you now.”