Change Water

A late night at work…covering a shift…it’s good to be back on the line.

I came home feeling quite energized.   I gave myself a few minutes to look at the flowers that were in front of me-the ones that have been blooming and blossoming continuously since I got them. I wanted to appreciate what was in front of me.  What is so easy sometimes is so hard to do…

There is something about flowers, the extravagant and lavish feeling that one can get when you take a step back to look and admire the petals-and the older I get the more I start to appreciate having fresh ones around me.  In an instant they can perk most any lady up…inside outside – their gradient of color-the curls of each petal and how as it bellies out and blossoms into brilliantly bold puffs.   …and well to put it simply they make me happy.   It’s most admired for its ability to be perfect…perfectly made.  It’s this time when you just have to realize that growing pains will continue to haunt you and will astonish you—and well…like a flower we all continue to blossom…open up…and ultimately reach for the sun.   Change water –

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