Just say Yes

by TeeDee

Sometimes despite feelings of uncertainty and apprehension you just have to say YES.  YES to the opportunities that arise.

Saturday May 21st, for some will be the day that the world ends…the rapture.  I’ll tell you where I will be… Braving the wind and fog with my team, serving up fresh and laboriously made nibbles for an estimated head count of 150 people.

As the mole sits on the stove steeping and stewing in its cauldron (right behind me in that picture), and as the pork slowly cooks to an unctuous, melt in your mouth just so tender pull apart texture, I slice chop squeeze and my hands begin to cramp.

Last week was my first party of 65.  Within the past 3 weeks I have woken up in the middle of the night working out the scenarios of what could go wrong, and tweaking the menus.  Waking up at 4 am and jotting things down…lying awake as my mind races.

To be cont…

Hot Chip-Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy “I Feel Better”

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