…in every way.

It was a great experience and a magical one.  After days of waking up in the middle of the night by sudden bouts with anxiety, May 21st came along and went.   My kitchen, ravaged by the experience of my first large catered event, was a trooper through the furious week.  The team was a crew of smart, strong, and eagerly motivated women that pulled through most when I needed them.  All of them worked hard, smoothly and better than I had imagined.  Susan Schuster, Meghan Durney, Chona Reyes, Elizabeth Demahy, Julie Nguyen, Julia Weinberg – THANK YOU.   Thank you, for all waking up early that Saturday morning to lend me your talents and hearts for this event.    Of course I can’t forget my Daniel Dent for being there for me.

Winds, and clouds were in the forecast.  Large limbs of tree branches fell to the ground. Cardigans were our barrier from the wind. Chambray and denim clothed us, ocean breezes and the peaking rays of sun light were stimulating.  After a walk by myself along the tree-lined cliffs I realized that it would be a very beautiful day,  the sun would come out, the breezes would warm up and we as a team would all be done, in a few hours.

Heavy in the air was the anticipation for the first crowd to come.   Headlined for May 21st was an event even greater than the release of Banshee Wines Spring event.  It was THE APOCALYPSE!!! The end of the world,  but that didn’t happen.  The first wave of folk came, the second wave of folk…and so on. Cardigans off as the sun and the wind was on suspension.

Steadily the crowds came.  Sounds of people eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, conversing blanketed the air.  Crowd soon ceased, full with wine and bites, they continued on with their mingling. What was once a hoard simmered to a fist full.  Sun still out, winds creeping back while cardigans and coats came back on.

My romanticized feeling with food and cooking now has again been pushed.  Staying motivated through my journey can sometimes be an arduous task, gaining momentum can creep up on you and yes so can self-doubt.   But one thing stays clear-I just can’t stop now.

Sopasitos : Slow cooked Pork w/ a Tamarind Mole -Lavender Scented Pickled Onions- Cilantro- Queso Requeson
Blue Corn Tostaditos: Olive Oil Poached Shrimp “Ceviche” w/ Citrus pickled Chayote and Green Mango –  Serranos -Lime
Nopale Tacos: Albacore Confit w/Roasted Garlic – Cabbage and Spring Onion Slaw- El Savadorian Crema- Radish
Heavenly 5 Spiced Chocolate Truffles.  (made by Susan Schuster)

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2 thoughts on “…in every way.”

  1. This event looked extremely fun, I’m glad your first catered event went well :). The ladies all looked great Denim & chambray was a great weekend catering wardrobe if I may say so my self, btw it was a pleasure to meet you and Daniel and I love your blog keep it going!

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