Happy Birthday to me.  Happy 30th.

There was much anticipation from 27-29…now I am officially 30 I tell myself “Whats the big deal?”.  I took a little walk the other day- a relaxing walk – to hone in on that feeling, that so-called feeling of being 30.   I was hoping that everything would be clearer, that I would now be at my prime!  At my peak!  At my most glorious moment!   Block after block with the sunlit skies and a breeze to accompany me on this journey, I came across a playground.  I stopped and an unexplainable buzz ran through me.  Yes…another year.  16…18…21…30   Are the steps that it takes to officially turn into an adult, and well I’m a little on the fence about what this whole feeling is supposed to be like.   To feel like a full adult.  But I can tell you this much it feels good to be alive. VERY GOOD. 

So maybe that’s what 30 feels like.

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