A couple of months ago in a state of limbo as I announced to the world that I went freelance, friends Heather and Peter contacted me for some work.  They seemed to call at just the right time.  Their friends Wendy and Paul McDougall welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world James Ethan Schaffer McDougall on March 2nd 2011.  The couple (above) had their son early (32 weeks) and was spending a lot of time in the hospital so they deeply lacked the nourishment that they needed during a very important time in their life.  So Heather and Peter hired me to cook for the newly anointed parents and my gift became warm and hearty meals that would feed and comfort them in this difficult yet magical journey.

Just a couple of days ago, Heather and Peter came over for a visit and dropped off this beautiful  Thank You card from this young family.  What a wonderful treat as well as feeling it just put me in the best mood!  I never got a chance to meet the couple but their heartfelt note made my day.

“Dear Tina –
            Thanks for creating such unique and taste dishes for us.  It was wonderful to come home from the hospital to them.  And james thoroughly enjoyed the resulting flavors of breast milk.
                                                                           Thanks again,
                                                                                          Wendy & Paul”


Thank you to Heather Traher and Peter Jin Hong for thinking of me and Wendy and Paul McDougall for letting be part of this intimate time.

It made me feel like this:



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