A Visit


Starting tomorrow I will be heading to the East Coast to work at a few great restaurants in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. The next couple of weeks will be a quiet one with possibly some updates, I just need to find the alone time to update my blog while in New York to update about my wanderings and experiences in various kitchens.   I have a feeling that I will NOT be sleeping much tonight, as I will be anticipating the 6 hour flight into a city that I have yet to fully explore.   This time to explore with the purpose marching into the next step into my career…whatever it is.

Really looking forward to a San Francisco/Bay Area hiatus for a much-needed break into a dynamic NYC.  Knives have been sharpened, kit has been built,  white chefs coat starched  as I march along.  I haven’t had this feeling of such excitement in a very long time, and I am hoping that when I come back to the Bay Area I will be chock full of ideas as well as inspiration for more cooking opportunities. So, if you need a personal chef I will be for hire.

We also just finished a Yurt/camping trip to Big Sur  and I had some time to think about my culinary journey.  During one of the evenings in Big Sur we happened to drive through another blanket of thick fog along the 101 highway.  Thinking that it would be cold and hideous by the time we got to our campsite I wrapped myself in a thick blanket and stepped out of the car.  Whoa it wasn’t what I expected.  Below the campsite, a numbing wintry beach feel, above the complete warmth of Summer slapped me in the face.    As we walked back to our yurt I witnessed the most beautiful sunset.  The fog below looked like thick thick clouds of merengue, slowwwwwwly moving as the ripples of the ocean beneath nudge the fog along the way.  Ahead of me was a skyline of white, muted sherbet hues of pink, orange, blue, purple…Sun sinking…colors changing…and to my left what looked like barrels of waves and whitewater created the illusion of a Tsunami suspended in air.   The feeling was elevated by the sounds of sea lions barking, and that majestic warmth amongst the chill of the ocean.

I’m ready for a little Autumn in New York City.

Never did I think when I first stepped in a kitchen to make salads that I would want to dedicate my life to cooking and learning as much as I can about it, now I sleep and dream about it.

This Portishead track sums up everything that I am feeling.


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