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Eggs. I LOVE EGGS.  I especially love to poach fresh farm eggs because they just come out of the water so plump healthy and gorgeous!

Daniel Dent : Photo

Not to mention a farm eggs yolk is creamier and much more luscious.  Hence why I thought it would be really nice to cook a brunch with beautiful farm eggs for some new friends.  Fertility and growth – the birth to new friends and new experiences.

Elements of this brunch was inspired by my time in NY spending time at Prune and ISA.  Prune’s home and warmth mixed with ISA’s avant garde approach to plating, as well as Ignacio’s well thought out menu gave me the breath of fresh air that I needed to figure out this menu.  Here confirmed my ideas of cuisine and food.  I learned that other chefs and cooks should take cooking and their careers seriously but to also have fun in the kitchen, to cook to your heart’s content share it with others and look for nothing else in return except maybe props to a good meal.

1st) Salad of Apples and Heirloom Tomato: Sweet Potato Leaf; Ricotta Lemon- Marcona Almonds and Pistachio Oil.
2nd) Carmelized Acorn Squash, ash encrusted cinderella goat cheese Farm Egg in a nest of  sweet corn, tomatillo, leek & onion, succotash.
3rd) Nectarines and Peaches glazed w/ a syrup made of Honey and Lemon Verbena
4th) Olive Oil and Paprika Popcorn dusted with Sugar and Salt
Chef Ignacio, Jeremiah @ Farmers Market NY. Photo: Daniel Dent
Chef Ignacio, Jeremiah @ Farmers Market NY. Photo: Daniel Dent

I started my day at the Union Square Farmers market, overwhelmed with the bounty at the farmers market I ended up walking around for a bit to figure out the brunch menu.  What was I going to cook.  Bags and a taxi later I ended up at the gallery.  The heaping mound of produce that lay in front of me at the gallery on a makeshift cutting board excited me.

It’s always a bit frightening to cook for a such an intimate number of people, especially those that don’t really know you and could be your worst critic.  I relinquished myself to the mercy of the folks at the table.  As I started to poach my eggs I had accidentally turned the hot plate off.  I panicked but took a deep breath turned the switch to high, cracked another egg into the vat of warm water (should have been hot!) and continued on with my cooking. As I passed around the last part of the meal and sat down with my guests I was just so happy to have cooked another meal for whom ever.  I LOVE COOKING! And I think everyone enjoyed their meal.

Thank you Artists: Hannah Acton Matt Robertson and guests for sharing their art, Booking Agent and Ear Extraordinaire: Michelle Cable,  Gallerist and Curator of ED Varie:  Karen Schaupeter who put this brunch together and who has the most addictive energy! Hostess with the Mostess Electricity Michelle Toledo my lifelong amiga from the barrios of Chino who gave me her keys and her couch.  HOORAH TO ALL THOSE BANDS THAT PLAYED THAT NIGHT THAT MADE MY LAST NIGHT IN NY AMAZING@!

(Ty Segall, Human Eye, Mikal Cronin (of The Moonhearts), The K-Holes – Usually openers are so so…but good god every band that night was strong enough to headline but it was such an energy and youth induced show.  Then came on Ty Segall who blew my mind!  Such a good show.)

Karen Schaupeter Gallerist: Ed Varie. Photo: Daniel Dent
Karen Schaupeter Gallerist: Ed Varie. Photo: Daniel Dent

Cooking is amazing Music is amazing…They just go hand in hand.  When I cook it’s very hard for me to concentrate while talking to others and thus when I get in my mode I hum or I like to sing – very softly and silently – stating my contentment for my craft.  I love cooking.

Craving chocolate last night I rummaged through my pantry to find a box of chocolate cake mix.  I made a cake last night – box cake it was but it was at least it satisfied my craving.   I wanted frosting.  Butter, Cream Cheese, Sugar, Cocoa Powder I just wanted chocolate.  Not fully from scratch but it was fun to know that I made it and ate it !  Box or not it was still warm when it came out of the oven…frosted this morning – I just might have it for breakfast.

Please Visit this Link to see more pictures from the brunch: ED VARIE: Brunch is for WeekendsAll photos  taken by Daniel Dent.


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