A Cough…

A cough led me to this post.  A cough led me to some rest.

This summer I did something new.  Amidst my change I became the Chef at a local preschool.   Sadly this gig soon ends.

Working, cooking with, cooking for, and engaging with children has made me realize that the little ones can get used to bland food, but that the introduction to flavorful food (though at times kids can be stubbon) is very rewarding!

My summer has been a great one combining two of the things that make me happiest; cooking and cooking for children.   I have been extremely happy and satisfied with my days and as I transition into my nights, the act reminds me of why I cook.  Especially when I hear expressions like this one: “This soup makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.”

Five year old Sterling recently won a sheep race at her local fair and obviously has a very explosive and energetic way of living.  The image of her expressive face filled with feverish anticipation, her little arms and legs tightly hugging the sheep’s back…then ZOOOM!  Pelt and all…she bolted to the finish line!!

It all makes me happy.  It’s the feeling of being appreciated….or when parents ask me for my recipes…or when I walk into a classroom and hear the kids exclaim that they love the food.  BUT they are honest, these kids.  Their sincere comments often brighten my day or just shock me.   “Try salt next time.”  or simply “I don’t like it!”  When there are about 80 kids to feed I suppose it would be nearly impossible to satiate the bellies of all the hungry little hippos.

Last week I asked one of the students if he was feeling alright.  With a big breath in he slowly heaved a big cough out…onto my face.  A week later I sit here trying to heal with broth, juices, teas and rest.  Why would I have it any other way?


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