Thanks Summer


Hope you had a great Summer, because mine has been nothing less than…fascinating and heart crushing.

Yes, fascinating, it’s just been interesting, it’s given a good handful of change. Ups aaaannnnd downs. As another Autumnal season starts, so soon does another chapter. Chapter 32 (that’s how old I turned this June).  


This Summer I ventured on a little trip to Portland with Emily, spent quality time with friends – HI LADIES!  Got to spend some time with my beautiful nieces nephew and family, went on a trip to Mexico City (by the way it’s pretty awesome), and I have a few really great work/career opportunities that are blossoming. Then of course there were the days where it felt like life withered away in bed while I lazily gazed at the ceiling.

My summer has consisted of lots of food related work out side of a restaurant or commercial kitchen. It’s also been fairly quiet, with lots of contemplative days and nights. It’s odd to have spent the past few years as a line cook, rotating through jobs within the industry trying to find that groove. Often times wondering if I was on the right path.  I think I finally found my groove. Between here and there I have spent time at the beach, chasing sun, figuring out new bus lines, reading, and trying to find an affordable apartment or studio in San Francisco.

I often talk about balance. So strong have I been in trying to find this balance in my life, and it seems so much more elusive.  More than anything this summer was learning about acceptance; validity with my emotions, career choices and self.


It’s all nice ol’ rickety roller coaster.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Summer”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that by introducing me to that Shonen Knife song you have made my world, and therefore everyone’s world, a better place. 🙂

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