Quarantine day 3

Hope you all are safe ❤ It’s been a while since I posted.

Omar Aloulou: ‘Erochka’ – please visit 4:3 Boilerroom.TV

Taken from the concept-album “Olénine” by Omar Aloulou
The videos were edited by Omar Aloulou and excerpted from Soviet and Russian animation movies whose copyright we do not own:
– The Scarlett Flower (Аленький цветочек) by Lev Atamanov, 1952
– The Frog Princess (Царевна-Лягушка) by Mikhaïl Tsekhanovski, 1954
– The Snow Queen (Снежная королева) by Lev Atamanov, 1957.
– The Nutcraker (Щелкунчик) by Boris Stepantsev, 1973 (Soyuzmultfilm studio)

Black Devil Disco Club:


Death in June – Carousel – this post was edited. Video added March 19th.


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