Sunday Feels

Music is beautiful – like food, it has a visceral way of bringing you back to a place a time – and it’s no surprise that Morrissey would be in my So. Cal upbringing Rolodex of music. I quickly remember my childhood apartment, my mother’s dinner’s, my teachers, my neighbors, my classes, my walks to and from school, my radio…

As the youngest, I guess I had the off-kilter pleasure of seeing my siblings grow up and leave the house – one by one. Curiously and quietly watching them leave as I waited for my time to loudly employ my own independence. I was lucky to have older siblings who introduced me to a multitude of music…I remembered these lyrics at a very tender age.

Memories of a town, a time, a place – Here is Everyday is like Sunday by Morrissey along with other gems that have helped curate my soul – one that is at times dark at times bright and all the time me.


New York Nights

I remember the exact moment when I first heard the song below – I was in my bedroom listening to Rodney on the ROQ and recording his DJ set as I normally did – with a tape player – when this song came on…I fell so in love with the tremble of his voice.