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Fewer and fewer. I know that I really haven’t kept with posting…I know that time will pass and I will say this again…



Thanks Summer


Hope you had a great Summer, because mine has been nothing less than…fascinating and heart crushing.

Yes, fascinating, it’s just been interesting, it’s given a good handful of change. Ups aaaannnnd downs. As another Autumnal season starts, so soon does another chapter. Chapter 32 (that’s how old I turned this June).  


This Summer I ventured on a little trip to Portland with Emily, spent quality time with friends – HI LADIES!  Got to spend some time with my beautiful nieces nephew and family, went on a trip to Mexico City (by the way it’s pretty awesome), and I have a few really great work/career opportunities that are blossoming. Then of course there were the days where it felt like life withered away in bed while I lazily gazed at the ceiling.

My summer has consisted of lots of food related work out side of a restaurant or commercial kitchen. It’s also been fairly quiet, with lots of contemplative days and nights. It’s odd to have spent the past few years as a line cook, rotating through jobs within the industry trying to find that groove. Often times wondering if I was on the right path.  I think I finally found my groove. Between here and there I have spent time at the beach, chasing sun, figuring out new bus lines, reading Astrologyzone.com, and trying to find an affordable apartment or studio in San Francisco.

I often talk about balance. So strong have I been in trying to find this balance in my life, and it seems so much more elusive.  More than anything this summer was learning about acceptance; validity with my emotions, career choices and self.


It’s all nice ol’ rickety roller coaster.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlFmnPkS64o]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRBY41OuIvE]

I am Hungry…

Menu planning is fun, especially when you collaborate with others who can understand you and vice versa.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_0uVxhHn6U]69e81f6acefd11e2aec722000ae900e0_7

Out With the Old

Hey look below…it’s a mermaid staring into the sun…59f5aef0cd6911e2bdcf22000a1fbe62_7

Sometimes a break if given to you. When you don’t want it. When you don’t think you need it.

Sometimes I wonder, what did I do wrong? Not much sense in trying to make sense of the wrongs. I’d rather move on to find the right.

Starting about 2 weeks ago, I no longer work at this establishment mentioned in a previous post: Read All About It… It looks like I am off again to another chapter.

I don’t visit many blogs, but one I often go to for inspiration is Heidi Swanson’s. This recent recipe by Heidi is a stupidly delicious mung bean hummus. I mean…really really addictive. It is heavily reminiscent of my Vietnamese flavors found in soups and other savouries that remind me of my childhood.

 101CookBooks – Visit here for a medley of inspiring and outrageously clean and delicious recipes. Thank you Heidi for the hello! HELLO!!

I must say,

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LInk to the story of the song, the singers and the writer. love, love, love love lovvvveeee Read here : LINK.

Opps…Really Late Post…


The weather was sunny, balmy, gorgeous, and boy was it a day to remember.

Hmm…What was it about 3 Autumns ago? Maybe 2? A group of friends who all happen to be cooks and chefs met up at a little lush gem tucked away in Bolinas, CA. Together we cooked a delicious feast and had a really great time and lots of laughs. Night fell when we all sat around a table filled to the brim with garden fresh vegetables, a stew, a roast, a couple of salads, mains and side galore…

We all brought our arsenal of spices, vinegars…actually each brought his or her own pantry. I still can taste the nasturtium butter that Kristen had made, Kim’s warm salt encrusted bread right out of the wood fired oven, Rachel’s tomato jam and fruit pies, Andrew using a saw to cut apart the fresh goat, and Erin’s enthusiasm and professionalism with setting up the event and planning for the whole day.

Sorry it took so long for the pictures, but I forgot I had the file!  Teeheehee

All Photos: Daniel Dent 


I Was Always Thinking…

Maybe summer will bring me more bubbles…


(Open house at Headlands Center for The Arts )
fe8df556b37611e282a722000a1f9d5f_7(David Shrigley at Headlands Center for the Arts)

(On James Tucker’s ye ol’ boat Familia Santa)

When I was a little girl, I would dance and sing to this Saint Etienne song. Nothing much has changed, my love for this song. But, our challenges, barriers and difficulties, it’s scope is widened and is often masked  by a dark veil. We’ll get over it. To become stronger and more vigilant in our approach to better ourselves and our lives. Nothing like hitting the play button a few more times, just don’t get sick of it yet.

Summer is coming. What will it bring? Berries, flowers, stone fruits, heat heat heat.

Be nice jerks…


(Lonely geetar in a corner)

Sleeping Trees

I feel like taking a nap. Somewhere warm. Ocean breezes. Sea Air. YES YES and YES.

In between naps I usually need a little time to creatively purge. Events, baking bread w/ my own starter, and other experiments…

Special credit goes out to Barbara Caldwell for making some really really good pies.

Follow : Flour Water Salt Butter 


2bdb0eccb98a11e2bbe722000a9f1253_7For years now, I have spent many moments thinking about a milk broth.

This is my proudest moment with it yet.

Roast of Lean Pork. Spring Favas and Sweet Corn in a Milk Brodo steeped w/ Lemongrass and Leeks.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YZJTJAM4G8]

Get Along

Like ingredients…

We should find a way to make it all work out and get along…

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Getting Wired

Photo below from Wired Magazine. Click Here to read the article at Wired Magazine 

This sorta feels like the kind of photo when you wish there was a retake…like at the DMV…when you ask if you can see it and they say no and then you get it in the mail and you wish you could just do anotha’…

Maybe I will revisit it in a couple of years and say “OH hey I remember that…thats the time when I wish I could have taken another picture, like at the DMV.”


Pre Wedding Celebrations




What a beautiful sunny day it was…

Many loving wishes to the lovely bride to be Sara. To Chona Reyes for lending a helping hand and being an all around great human being. To Graphic design queen Theresa Lee for planning and creating the fun atmosphere.  For Designer Raoul Ollman for his creative collaboration with the napkin and utensil holders. Visit NathanRay-SF.com for more of his work.

Most importantly thank you Yukie Kuznets  for allowing us to use her beautiful backyard space at Kappa Zakka.