Getting Wired

Photo below from Wired Magazine. Click Here to read the article at Wired Magazine 

This sorta feels like the kind of photo when you wish there was a retake…like at the DMV…when you ask if you can see it and they say no and then you get it in the mail and you wish you could just do anotha’…

Maybe I will revisit it in a couple of years and say “OH hey I remember that…thats the time when I wish I could have taken another picture, like at the DMV.”



Here you go.

The lovely people at Kinfolk were nice enough to include a meal I cooked on their blog!  Here is a great little snippet, in conjunction with Ed. Varie Gallery 


So great, I can’t wait to do another brunch in New York this summer and fall.   You can now also follow me on Instagram: FieldsofPlenty and Twitter: FieldsofPlenty.

Celery Hearts,




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