Web Browsing…

I am still on a bit of a high.

I would not consider myself much of a sports fan but, the Giants won!  I felt an excitement.  The streets lacked in boredom tonight, with cars honking, people laughing, screams of GIANTS fervor !  I love that all Americana spirit.  I began to connect with those that screamed and danced in the rain-soaked pavement.  I heard the raucous joys of those so alive in the streets tonight. The joys of the working class man and his/her game…the animation and fanaticism IS so beautiful. We still have to beat the Texas Rangers but I am not about to jinx that.

So I lay in bed and tried to ease into my night with my laptop…I often look at Heidi Swanson’s  101cookbooks.com site for her lovely enthusiasm and relationship with all the vegetarian friendly recipes that are on the site…it’s chock full of recipes, great photography and I fondly look over the simple site seeking vegetarian inspirations into my cooking…I then found myself straying off to various sites seeking a silk blouse…

then I found this…

Isn’t her voice so haunting? Plus, winter is fast approaching and this seems so idyllic to post as a proper way to say goodbye summer and hello to a new season…even if we skipped 1 or 2 in between.


1 thought on “Web Browsing…”

  1. When the heck did you become a Giants fan?! Traitor!!! You are never allowed to step foot into Chavez Ravine again, you hear?!

    P.s. cute jacket! I ❤ you and miss you everday.

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